You've arrived at Camp Bagborough.

This is the place to stay for a unique Glastonbury 2013 experience.

You'll be close to the music, close to the action, close to the Festival site, in fact everything you could possibly need is... close to hand.

And when you do finally crash out, Camp Bagborough is also far enough from the actual Festival site that you'll get the peace you need to re-charge ready for the next leg.

Camp Bagborough is a Somerset winery just a few minutes by shuttle from the Festival gates.

Would you like to be our guest?

Your Camp Bagborough Winery package includes two hospitality (interstage) tickets for the Glastonbury Festival, accommodation for two, a menu available until 2.00am, transport to and from the Festival (just 10 minutes' drive) and some extras that only Camp Bagborough Winery can give you.

Here's our Glastonbury 2013 package »